Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Me, Sept 2010 CA State Fair.

Wow, I started this blog and never wrote in it... how lame of me. I just re-read what I wrote in that "about me" post, and it's pretty spot on, however out dated! I have been thinking about how I need to keep a blog/journal again because of everything that is going on in my life right now.

A year and a half ago I was still dreaming of film school, hadn't dealt with the scary situation of organ rejection, and had just moved to the apartment I miss most of all. I was dating my boyfriend, who is still the most amazing guy on the planet, and I have kept around ;) He stands by my side through all the crazy ups and downs, and for that I don't know how I could ever repay him.

Let's start with that film school thing. First of all, the last three semesters I haven't been able to be in school because I have been in the hospital during the first week of classes being in session. Secondly, because of being out of school I have been working a lot, and my huge passion for animals has been rekindled. I started walking dogs the month after I wrote that last post, and I love it! That led me to start thinking about careers with animals that I could go to school for instead. Currently I am hoping to get a degree in Veterinary Technology, and eventually pre-veterinary medicine. I work part time at a veterinary hospital and I love it so much! I also walk the dogs on the side for the business I started with almost two years ago. :) I have thought about starting a dog boutique or day care, too... but something with dogs and cats and other pets would make me so happy- ESPECIALLY if it allows me to help them in troubled situations. Hence why I adopted an 8 year old great dane last year- one of the biggest mistakes and joys of my life rolled into one. She is a HUGE responsibility, Corey finds her annoying, but she is an excellent girl who deserved another chance at life so I gave it to her. <3

Next, the organ rejection. The first time I experienced it was September 2010 (the end of it, not when this photo above was taken! hee hee). My intestine began to reject, I had HORRIBLE abdominal pains and I went to get checked out. They kept me for two weeks, but they did help it and it was solved fairly quickly. Most recently I had a huge hospitalization with acute kidney failure due to a UTI turned kidney infection (which i had NO symptoms of!!) and I was in for a month. I was on dialysis for the first time and it was so frightening. I am so thankful that my kidney is making up with me slowly but surely. It's not perfectly content with me, but it's much better!

Now the most troubling thing that is happening is an unexplained problem with my female organs. For years I have been getting little cysts on my ovaries, which rupture and cause horrible pain, but it's always gone away- not this time. I have been in pain daily since February 1st! I have been bleeding, cramping, and having a terrible time with all of it. I have gone to two gyno's and neither had any idea what is causing all of it. So, my mom and I have opted to go to Omaha, where I got my transplants, to find out why I am hurting so much. I am thinking it's either Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or Endometriosis. I have symptoms of both.

The doctors in Omaha, my mom, and I are all more than a little upset because all the doctors here have done is given me ultrasounds and pain medicine. They say they don't see anything, tell me to see another doctor (which is nice but they never know anything either!) and hand me pain pills. I don't want to become hooked on percocets and norcos... I'd rather feel good and have an answer for why this is happening to me. No one here seems concerned but me.

I have also been havng high blood sugars, which may be a sign of post transplant diabetes.. which will suck.. i really hope it has to do with my hormones being out of whack or something! :-/

That's about all for now. I want to write here more often- we shall see if that happens lol!

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